Have you decided that the exterior of your home looks dull and drab? Do you want to change all of that? Why not revamp your home with wood carriage house doors instead? Wood carriage doors add elegance to the curb appeal of your home. Real estate studies have proven that adding these doors increase the price value of your home. But, the real reason to install them is the joy it will bring to you and other family members as you look with pride at the added beauty it brings the exterior of your home. So what if your home is the “talk” in the neighborhood? What if they are jealous? Not to worry! You can simply direct them to The Garage Door Medic llc.


In recent years, steel has become the most popular material used to make garage doors. Steel is durable, rust free and doesn’t really need any maintenance. It is very affordable too, because it is cheaper than other garage doors. Are you planning to install a Steel Door in Carriage Style? If you are, you may opt for one like to the one pictured above. A door just like this will certainly enhance the curb appeal of your home.


Do you want a garage door that is durable, requires no maintenance, one that will retain its appearance as the years go by? Why not choose the Vinyl Garage door? This is the one that is most suitable for your needs. The Vinyl Garage door is the favorite among homeowners. This is because they are not affected adversely by wind, rain, sun or snow. They dont rust, rot, peel, or warp and are unlikely to show any dent. If you choose this door you may never need to put any other door on your home. Installation is not a problem as the process is fast and easy. They come ready to be installed. Worried about paint or stain? No need for that; they come well insulated.
vinyl garage door
Custom Garage Door


There are several garage doors styles you can choose from just in case you’re not satisfied with the above styles. There are uniquely designed doors which you can choose from, to blend well with the design of your home. You have a free hand in choosing doors which imitate the styles from the old world doors; doors with decorative hand-forged hardware and architectural glass. You have the preference to select any of the following: Swing Up, Swing Out, Accordion or Bifold. With custom garage doors you’ll have many architectural styles to complement the design of your home.