Do you want a garage door opener? If your answer is yes; then choose the Chain driven garage door opener. They are the most common and the most reliable type of openers. The chain drive uses a metal chain to run the garage door on its track. Chain drives are not expensive openers but they are considered to be the nosiest among the three types of openers. If your garage is positioned below or next to the main rooms in your home, most likely you would not want this opener. However, if your garage is separate from your home and if noise is not a problem to you this may be the best choice for you and the family.
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If you are looking for a garage door opener that is quieter than a chain drive, the belt drive is an alternative. The garage industry has rated the belt driven garage door openers as #1. They are as reliable as the chain drives and they are quiet. Although the belt drive is more expensive than the chain drive opener it is a better choice when compared to the noise factor. So if your garage is attached to your home and the bedrooms are near to your garage, then it would be to your advantage to choose the belt drive.


Screw-driven garage door openers are said to be the noisiest and also the slowest openers on the market but, they are the cheapest. This type of opener utilizes a threaded steel rod instead of a belt or chain. However there is a problem; it needs a consistent climate conditions for optimal use. It is recommended that this type of opener should only used in areas where the weather and temperature are constant. This type would be ideally suited for you if you do not open your garage door often, and provided you live in a temperate region. One more thing; because they are not as popular as the others, they are in less demand.
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